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The pain that follows a separation or divorce is often overwhelming, if not done with prior preparation. When a relationship comes to an end, you will have to cope up with the realities post the breakup of the relationship. Psychologically, it is said that the break up in a relationship may have effects that have a strong resemblance to those of separation caused by death of a loved one or separation due to a partner suffering from a terminal illness.
Although separation is painful, we must also not deny the fact that some relationships are worth backing off from. A relationship in which there is a lot of denial, fear, grief and despair, anger, jealousy and confusion is not a happy one. Your attempt at ducking out of the said relationship may turn out to be futile as your spouse clings on your bumper. When is it therefore recommended to cast a separation love spell? We will discuss this in the next paragraphs.
You can cast a separation spell against a man or woman you accidentally fell in love with. Such accidental relationships sometimes emanate from one-nigh-stands when you thought you were doing it for pleasure. However, one of you later clings on the other against his or her will. For sure why would you want to stay with a person you don’t love? Cast a separation spell and find peace today.
The other aspect is the issue of appearance versus reality. When you met him or her, he or she was that prince or princes you thought would be the ultimate one. However, after some time; he or she appears to be the opposite of what he or she was. A relationship that is not enjoyable is not worthy being in and the earlier you exit, the better. How do you cast a separation spell? Follow the instructions below carefully.
• A calabash or gourd
• A cat’s blood
• A rat’s blood
• A black piece of cloth
• A razor blade
• Your wedding ring
• A grain of beans
Get a domesticated black cat and slaughter it (sacrifice it). Collect its blood in a calabash or gourd. Do the same to the edible rat, commonly found in African hats and collect its blood too in the same container. Once done, hide the mixed blood under your bed for two days. You will find that the blood has not coagulated, meaning there is no kind of unity between the two of you. Drop a razor blade and your wedding or engagement ring into the blood and wrap the gourd or calabash with a black piece of cloth. Bury the package under a pawpaw tree and plant a bean grain on top of it. When the bean germinates, you will see your partner’s mood changing and by the time it bears its first fruits; you will have fully separated. The symbolic meanings of the articles used are that just like a cat and rat are never united, so will you be. The razor blade acts to further rip your relationship apart and the growing been plant shows how temporary your relationship will be.