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Many times, we say goodbye to people we love without really wanting to because we sometimes don’t mean what we say. Saying that doesn’t mean that we no longer love them or that we no longer care for them. It is very painful to hear such words or tell a person such words because in reality you don’t mean them. There comes a time in life when you start regretting what you said and why you said it. Sometime later, you will feel that you once again have feelings for such a person. When in such a scenario, what do you therefore ought to do?

There are love spells designed to sort you out. You can cast a spell to rekindle passion in the person in your lost love or one that will help bring the person you feel left you unjustly back. You need to light-up that tantalizing romance you once had and relight all the candles in the dark love tunnel. No one should deceive you that you can’t do it. Yes, you can! Below are some customized spells for such situations.

Guaranteed lost Love Spell to Bring Back a Partner

This spell must be cast in a full moon night. The ritual requirements needed are five purple flowers, a purple candle, perfume, and an altar. First and foremost, you must strip naked. Distribute the five purple flowers on the altar and spray the perfume on your thighs, lower abdomen, breasts and the neck.

Anoint the purple candle with your vaginal fluids if you are a woman or semen if you are a man and then light it up. When it starts burning, say the following words: “As I have dedicated your treasure to this candle, so must you repay with passion and desire”. Allow the candle to totally burn-up while watching it meditatively, thinking about your lost one

After two or three days, call him or her and arrange for a meeting. Spray the perfume again on your body from the thighs, lower abdomen, and neck and back of the head. When you meet him or her, ask for a hug or a kiss. A positive response means the spell has worked and a negative one implies you need to try another spell type.

Guaranteed Honey lost Love spell to win back a partner

This is a magic ritual for your ex boyfriend or ex husband or ex wife. In this love spell, the esoteric properties of honey are used to enhance a rupture or damaged bond but one which is still alive. Sometimes feelings are not lost after a separation and the essential mutual feelings do not always fade completely. The items required to perform a honey love spell to get your partner back are a few drops of honey, a blank paper, a red pen, a candle incense and a red piece of thread.

Write the name of your lost partner on the blank piece of paper in the red circle drawn in the middle of the same paper. Draw another circle on the back of the back of the paper and this time write the words “eternal love between the two of us, as I loved you, Love me back too ” and apply three drops of honey in the circle. Wrap the piece of paper around the incensed candle and tie it with the red thread. Light the candle up and allow both the candle and paper to get totally consumed. Honey has always been a symbol of love and sweetness, but it also has powerful healing and restorative properties that can be used in magic rituals to repair the damaged link to a partner and have that relationship again to have the strength and love it once had.