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The art of seduction is what a very man and woman out there yearns to know. We all want to be great seducers and seductresses and we can only perfect that with gimmicks and tricks that can help us in the process of finding love. Gone are the days when you needed to use nature’s powers of innate sexual instincts. Today, you can teach and train yourself to behave in a way that attracts the opposite sex easily.

For ladies, there are certain traits that one should adopt in order to become the greatest seductress. One of the key areas is making eye contact. Facial expression is one way of indicating to a man that you are really in the mood. Staring into your lovers eyes with intent is one way of taking him into bed quickly. Smile a little, if necessary and may be wink sometimes. The idea behind is that ladies’ mood can’t sometimes be read from body language.

Women can also sometimes turn men on by massaging their feet with a lot of confidence and intent. If you want to be the only lioness in a man’s jungle, touch parts that easily arouse his interest in you and you will just be minutes away to making love with her. If he concentrates exceptionally on your moves, bravo! Your killer moves will have worked.

Men on the other hand have got many baskets of tricks ranging from fondling, touching sensitive areas on her body like the breasts, and passionately kissing her can turn her on. Women are not very difficult to read and you should never try too hard to seduce them. The first thing, however, is to get to know your girl or woman better without employing a lot of strength as this would only serve to threaten her.

When before a woman or women, try as much as possible to be likeable because this is where you can actually tell whether she is shrinking away from you or warming up for you. Send her frequent text messages and try to learn as much as possible from her during your interactions. You can also try to bond over something that both of you find likeable and interesting and the road will be open

All the above are tricks and gimmicks that we can sometimes use in order to bring a woman or man closer. However, in many situations, we are not able to control or manipulate our behaviour to suit the occasion perfectly. Just like the saying goes, teaching an old dog new tricks is not easy. Some people are born seducers or seductresses whereas others can use the supernatural to seduce. Here, I present a love seduction spell that will bring that belle or dude to bed in minutes!

• 1 red candle
• 1 Piece of pink or red plain paper
• Doves Blood Ink or red ink
The process
– Light up the red candle, and then write your full name on the paper.
– Below yours, write the name of the person you are attracted to or the one you love, their birthday and then your own birth day.
– Draw the shape of a heart around the information.
– On top of the shape, write the names and birthdays again. Do this 3 times.
– Don’t worry if it looks sketchy or like a scribble.
– Fold the paper small and burn it in the candle’s flame. While it burns, say the following words “Bright is the flame of the candle, Red is the color of desire that rages in me.”
Repeat the above incantation three times and the love spell described above should be cast for nine consecutive nights.