2 Love Spells for Those Searching For Love

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Powerful 2 Love Spells for Those Searching For Love

1. Love Battle Spell: Many times, women are the mostly more difficult creatures to conquer as compared to men because it takes dedication, time and persistence for you to be able to win the love of a woman. Whereas that is the case, these highly sought after creatures are formidable and indispensable human beings in the lives of men.

A serious man desires the love of a woman, for the love and care of a lady is the beginning of happiness at home. If you have tried courting and wooing ladies to no avail, here we show you the techniques that can help you have an upper edge over other opponents that are stalking the same woman you want. This will greatly help you to achieve the desired objective, her affection. You can cast a love spell that will land you that “gold”

What you need
• Pure honey
• Holy church water
• 1 red candle
• A recent article of clothing

The spell must be cast during the full moon phase at midnight on Friday. It is also important that the moon be visible while performing the spell. This means that you can either do it by the window or on the roof of your house, but the point is; you must be able to observe the moon.

Wrap the candle with a piece of the garment then light it. Ensure that cloth doesn’t burn and as you watch its flame, say the following prayer in a low tone::

“Great goddess Venus, help me conquer (… the name of the woman …)
I want her to belong to me. I offer you this honey in return for your blessing, my god. Make (… name of the woman…) to be out of reach of other men and may she be mine now and for always”

This prayer must be repeated for 2 days in under the full moon and every time you finish the incantation, put a little honey in the garment and place some holy water on your forehead in the shape of a cross.

2. Spell to make a man fall at your feet
Many times, women want men to initiate a relationship. However, we are looking at a situation in which the man your heart longs for as a woman is not interested in you. Should you just watch? You cast a love spell that will light the flame of love in your eyes and bring that wanted man kneeling at your feet. Simply follow the directions given below:

• 1 coin regardless of denomination
• One article of clothing that is fragranced
• 1 bottle of liquor (preferably red wine)
• Cinnamon
• Some red pepper
This spell must be cast during dinner. Once you have a coin in your possession, serve some coffee and deposit two drops of wine and a pinch of cinnamon powder in the coffee the person will drink. This must be done without their notice. Then take the coin with a clean hand and use for crushing the pepper while one hand serves coffee. After crushing it, keep it tight in your hands and later put the pepper in food. When the two of you begin to eat or drink the coffee, say the prayer below quietly and mentally

“Fiery pepper, the man I want is infront of me. Fire up his feelings for me” Repeat the incantation three times and have the piece of cloth with pepper wrapped up in it then buried at your great grandfather’s tombstone. Watch the changes.